Yärdij released their debut EP The Blue Room, setting an early milestone for this young five-member, female-fronted ensemble. Most of the members grew up together in Florida and spent their time rehearsing in their parents’ living rooms and creating music that spanned across various genres. Labeling Yärdij under one genre would be a limitation on the band’s mission. “Our goal isn't to embody a certain genre or attract a certain people; it’s to simply make good music,” says Deja Elyze, lead vocalist
     With a powerhouse sound like Paramore and Janis Joplin fused with the rhythmic mellow of Sublime, The Blue Room will connect with the listener on multiple levels. “We want people to have fun with our music, feel powerful, relatable and also gain a sense of awareness. We don't like to solely base our music off love and having fun but also real problems that people deal with all around,” says Deja Elyze.
     Since the group’s startup, Yärdij has quickly garnered statewide recognition and success, despite being a relatively new band. They have performed at Florida’s Sunfest,  rocked the main stage at Florida Music Festival and were the regional winners of South Fl Hardrock Rising Competition.  The band has started recording their self titled second EP which will be released in January 2016. The new single "Over You" is not your typical angry girl break up song. Yardij fuses strong guitar riffs over the powerful and melodic vocal style of Deja Elyze without the romantic hangover.

Contact Yärdij


Cheryl Steele 954-803-4048

Randy Acker 212-977-1579

Al Cohen 973-376-8686