Since I was 10, I was playing guitar, and taking lessons, but while I saw these great concerts and aspired to be better, I never was motivated to actually get better. Spring 2009, I picked up the bass and it was an instant change of perspective for me.  With minimal instruction at the beginning, I began teaching myself for the next 5 years.  With influences such as Flea, Geddy Lee, Victor Wooten, Jacopastorius, and more I strive to become better everyday, one baseline at a time

To start, music has pretty much always been in my life. From the multitude of piano teachers I've had growing up to, the amount of music courses and instruments I had taken up all the way to my current college years. I’ve listened to a lot of band likes Van Halen, Avenged Sevenfold, Nirvana, System of a Down, Tenacious D, and Symphony X. The tastes in bands is vast, but I do typically like high energy and music with musicians who have a firm foundation in their technique for their craft. When I picked up trumpet in high school I began listening to musicians like Wynton Marsalis, Count Basie, James Morrison, Miles Davis, and Adam Rapa.

I started playing the drums around the same time Kanye West released his College Dropout album.  My first drum instructor was a tall six foot two blind man who I addressed as Tim. I was unaware of Tim’s’ inability of sight until I thoroughly gazed at his hand placement sliding across the wall as we sauntered to the basement studio.  As we approached the drum kit, he took his place on the throne (drum seat) and began to express his mastery prowess upon the five piece kit.  When he finished, he stood up from the throne and handed me the drumsticks. It was my turn.  

Deja began singing at the age of 5.  From coffee shops in NJ to bars in New York City, Deja began performing everywhere she could, covering female rockstars like Joan Jett and Patt Benetar. After moving to Florida, Deja began to build relationships in the industry as well as a fan base, which led to her opening for Jake Miller (Warner Bros Artist) in 2013 and performing on Pitbull's Mega Stage at Calle Ocho and soon performing at music festivals such as Sunfest and Florida Music Festival.

Drummer- Jordan "Jordandrums" Solomon

Keyboard - Mike Ross

Bassist - Alex "Donny P" Athanasaw

Lead Guitarist & Backup Vocalist - Nick Fernandez

Friends came together and formed Yärdij

Meet the Band

Lead Vocalist - Deja Elyze

Yärdij Bio

I started playing the guitar at 13. Influenced by bands such as Metallica, Sum 41 and Green Day, I tend to have a straightforward approach to my music, often times filled with chaotic guitar solos.   I spent the bulk of my teenage years playing in different bands and learning new instruments (piano and voice). It was at this time I knew I wanted to pursue music as a career. 

Contact Yärdij
Cheryl Steele 954-803-4048
Randy Acker 212-977-1579