setting an early milestone
for this young five-member, female-fronted ensemble. Most of the members grew
up together in South Florida, spending their time creating music that spanned across
various genres. Labeling Yardij under one genre would be a limitation on the band’s mission.
“Our goal isn’t to embody a certain genre or attract certain people; it’s to make good
music,” says Deja Elyze, lead vocalist.

The band hopes that Face Value will connect with the listener on multiple levels. “We want
people to have fun with our music but also gain a sense of self-awareness. We don’t like to solely base our music off love and having fun, we actually like to write about real problems that people deal with too,” says Deja Elyze. The band has a summer tour booked following the release and plans to add additional dates outside of their home state. The new single, “Distance” is a fresh take on indie rock, featuring many different elements of percussion and a powerful, yet relatable message.


  • Opener for Bon Jovi’s “This House isNot for Sale” tour, BB&T Center2017, Sunrise, FL

  • “HERE” Main Stage Okeechobee Music Festival 2017, Okeechobee, FL

  • Main Stage Florida Music Festival 2018, Wall Street Plaza, Orlando, FL